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27 July 16:00

Pavilion, New Holland Island

14 Steps

Year: 2014

Director: Maxim Shavkin

Country: Russia

Duration: 38 minutes

Anna is studying in Moscow for a few years now. She lives in a dorm. Since a long time she hasn’t visited her home town, where her family lives. She learned to live in a big city. She has a boyfriend, they are planning to move in together in his Moscow apartment. It seems that she has erased the past from her life. One day a man comes into her life and disrupts all her plans... a man she remembers too well.

фото Maxim Shavkin

Maxim Shavkin

Film director

Born in 1987 in Moscow. Started shooting while studying in Moscow Aviation Institute. After graduation was studying cinema in cinema school in Moscow, was shooting short films. At work in Moscow Fund for Education Support was shooting a lot too. First Award at the Artkino young  directors festival for the short film Just Ourselves. In 2012 was accepted to the Moscow School of New Cinema, Dmitry Mamylia's class. In 2013 shot the film “Silence”, in 2014 finished his film “14 Steps”. Died in 2017.