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28 July 12:00

Pavilion, New Holland Island


Year: 2019

Director: Ulyana Podkorytova

Country: Russia

Duration: 9 minutes

Video mysteria «Ray’ok» is part of the exhibition of the same name.The title of the work sends the viewer to the folk theater, Rayok. This is a wooden fairground box with the views of other countries inside and the latest world news. In fact, such a theater with paper panoramas was a prototype of TV and the Internet. On the other hand, the spelling of the name «Rayok» refers to a network slang in which the anglicisms interlace with Russian words. Six fictional characters in turn perform small musical numbers, running away from the viewer. In the end, they gather in the last frame on an improvised forest scene.

фото Ulyana Podkorytova

Ulyana Podkorytova

Artist, filmmaker

Born in 1984 in Bryansk. She graduated from the Rodchenko Art School in 2017. Creates and participates in multimedia projects, video and voice performances, works with graphic arts and sculpture.