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28 July 12:00

Pavilion, New Holland Island

The young Russian video art program

All authors in this program are graduates of the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Some of them were involved with the video magazine Vidiot, created in Moscow in 2007. They started when video art was a marginalized art genre in Russia. Since then, much has changed. Now, video is the most popular medium in the arts all over the world, and yesterday’s graduates of the Rodchenko School have become the flagships of young Russian video art. Their formation came at a time when cinema switched en-masse to digital and ceased to relate to high art video. Cinema and video began to actively exchange energy and feed each other aesthetically, video art programs began to appear at A-class film festivals, the works of artists began to enter short film contests, and the artists themselves went to «big cinema». Today, video is an expressive tool on a par with cinema or painting; it is not reduced to pure ideas, as in the classical era of video art, the 60s and 70s.

To one degree or another, all the authors in this program experiment with cinematic codes in their work, while others, such as, for example, Daniel Zinchenko or Yevgeny Granilshchikov, shoot full-length films, participating in international film festivals. All of them work with the local context and clarify relations not only with the history of Russian video or parallel cinema, but also with the post-Soviet reality surrounding them, and they do it in completely different ways. In this program, viewers will see video performances, work with modern folklore, Dadaist collage, the continuation of the line of conceptualism, experiments with cinematic narrative and augmented reality — in general, the full range of different techniques in modern video art.

Evgeny Granilshchikov, Daniil Zinchenko, Uliana Podkorytova and Albert Soldatov will present their films. The program was prepared jointly with Kirill Preobrazhensky.

Free admission, advance registration required. Films are screened in the original language with English subtitles. 18+

Directed by Evgeny Granilshchikov

Directed by Albert Soldatov

The Hymns of Muscovy
Directed by Dimitri Venkov

The Death of Father Men
Directed by Mikhail Maksimov

Mausoleum + Flag + Diary of a Philosopher Dog
Directed by Daniil Zinchenko

Directed by Polina Kanis

Directed by Albina Mokhryakova

Directed by Ulyana Podkorytova

Directed by Andrey Kachalyan

фото Kirill Preobrazhenskiy

Kirill Preobrazhenskiy

Artist, curator, lecturer

Born in 1970 in Moscow. One of the pioneers of video art in Russia. From 1990 to 1993 took part in activities of group Van Gogh TV, for example in project Piazza Virtuale, at Documenta 9 in 1992. Was a part of Out-Governmental Control Commission Founded label VIDIOT. Worked as a professor of New Media faculty in The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Holds Cheremushki apartment gallery.