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28 July 19:30

Main Stage, New Holland Island


Year: 2019

Director: Alexander Zolotukhin

Country: Russia

Duration: 72 min

The film tells the story of a simple village boy who goes to the front of the First World War with a naive juvenile dream of acquiring fame and medals. In the first battle, he loses his sight. He is left to serve as a listener — he must listen carefully through huge metal funnels and raise an alarm when enemy airplanes are approaching. Free admission. 14+ Director will present the film.
фото Alexander Zolotukhin

Alexander Zolotukhin

Film director

Alexander Zolotukhin was born on 07.09.1988 in Ukraine. His family moved frequently. He lived in the steppes of Kazakhstan, in Belarus, in Russia. He graduated from Alexander Sokurov’s five-year filmmaking workshop at the Kabardino-Balkarian University.